Q. Should I reserve tea ceremony in advance?
Reservation is highly recommended. Please kindly send us your reservation request at least 3 workings days in prior at our reservation system. For same day reservation, please contact us by email or phone 075-371-1013.
Q. Is same day reservation accepted?
Same day reservation is accepted provided that there is vacancy. Please contact us by calling us at 075-371-1013.
Q. Can I reserve tea ceremony experience on Sunday or public holiday?
Please accept our apologies that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays. For reservation of group tea ceremony experience on sundays, please feel free to send us enquiries.
Q. I am travelling alone. Can I join tea ceremony experience?
For Samurai Spirit tea ceremony, you are most welcomed to join shared session. You can experience tea ceremony with other guests! Please send us your request and let us know your preferred time slot.

Price and Content

Q.What is conducted during tea ceremony experience?
To experience samurai spirit tea ceremony which has the longest history in Kyoto.
In tea room built in a 150-year-old machiya, you are able to enjoy the most rewarding tea experience. Exquisite fresh wagashi and confectionery made in Kyoto and matcha powerded green tea from Uji Kyoto. The highlight is a ritualized preparation and serving of powdered green tea by Tea master of Yabunouchi School who has more than 20 years of samurai style tea ceremony.
Q. Can I seat on a chair during tea ceremony?
We have chairs for guests who find more comfortable to seat on chairs than sitting on tatami. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you prefer seating on chairs when you arrive Bikouen.
See Tea Ceremony Experience Menu for details.
Q.What is the difference between making your own matcha (¥1300) and Samurai spirit tea ceremony(¥3600)?
For “making your own match”, each session is about 10min. You will be able to use actual tea ceremony utensils ( bamboo tea spoon, tea whisk, ladle etc to prepare your own bowl of match. Instructions on every single steps of preparing matcha will be taught. An exquisite sweet and thin tea is included.
Please note that tea ceremony performance by tea master is not included.
For Samurai spirit tea ceremony, each session will be 50-60min. A performance by tea master of Yabunouchi school, will be followed by “make your own matcha” session. Fresh seasonal wagashi and exquisite sweet by top-notch confectionary brand of Kyoto.
Q.What is the difference of thick tea and thin tea? Are they made by the same ceremonial garde matcha?
In very traditional tea ceremony, there are two consistencies of matcha served to guest. “Koicha”Thick tea will come first and followed by “Ushucha” thin tea.
Koicha, which is also called thick tea, has a smooth and rich taste. It is made from premium quality ceremonial grade matcha with strong sweetness. A bowl of thick tea is shared among 2-3 guests who drink from the same bowl by taking turns. Hyakka 百華, a premium ceremonial matcha of Bikouen, will be used for making thick tea.Usucha, which is also called thin tea, is whisked to a froth. Each guest receives one bowl of tea.Oimatsu 老松, the best seller of Bikouen’s matcha series, will be used for making thin tea.
See Matcha Series of Bikouen

Cancallation and change

Q. Could I change my booking at online system?
You can cancel your booking at our online booking system 3 days before your scheduled visit and make a new request to us.
TEL:+81 75 371 1013 email: info@bikouen.com
Q. I made a reservation but need to cancel or change my booking but I could not do it at online system.
To avoid cancellation fee (\1000/person), reservations need to be cancelled or changed via email at least two working days by 12:00 before the day of your scheduled visit. Same day cancellation will have a full cancellation fee. Example: Booking on June 4 has to be cancelled by 12:00 of June 2.For change and cancellation of same day reservation, please call us directly at +81 75 371 1013.
Q.Do you have cancellation fee?
Cancellation fee (\1000/person) is applied on cancellation made 4days before the date of tea ceremony. Cancallation after 12:00 two working days before the day of your scheduled visit will have a full charge

About private tea ceremony

Q. Is it possible to reserve a private session for our group?
Yes, please kindly put a remark when you make your reservation. We will get back to you about availability.