Samurai Spirit Tea Ceremony

An expression of hospitality "Omotenashi" through tea ceremony

Incredible Experience

Warmly welcomed by expert tea master and his wife who speaks Japanese, English and Chinese

Historic tearoom

Getting away from the crowds and into the real Kyoto

Selected shop of Green tea and Matcha since 1872

The Purveyor of green tea to heritage temples and grand tea master

Hospitality through a bowl of tea
Experience Tea ceremony at Bikouen

                   Samurai Spirit tea ceremony (Recommended)

Experience Tea ceremony at Bikouen, the only tea house which provide samurai spiruit tea ceremony in historic tea room in Kyoto Less than 15 min walk from JR Kyoto Staiton, Bikouen Tea House is superbly located next to UESCO World heritage “Nishi Honganji”.  See our location→

About Bikouen


Specializing in Uji highest quality matcha and Japanese green tea since 1872, Bikouen tea house is the purveyors of matcha to Honganji temples and grand tea master of Yabunouchi School, one of the four main schools of chanoyu in Kyoto.
Bikouen’s retail shop, showcasing an extensive selection of green tea along with tea ware, is featured with an historic traditional tearoom where samurai style tea ceremony experience and monthly classes is offered.
About Bikouen’s Tea Master→

Tea Ceremony Menu

Samurai Spirit tea ceremony (Recommended)

Price \3600 + tax

Demonstration by tea master with matcha thin tea served, traditional Kyoto wagashi, exquisite baked sweet of Kyoto, try making your own matcha

*Duration 50min

*minimum 2 guests max. 30guests


Koicha and usucha formal traditional tea ceremony

Price \4000 + tax

Demonstration by tea master with thick tea served, traditional Kyoto wagashi, exquisite baked sweet of Kyoto, try making your own matcha

*Duration 70min

*minimum 2 guests max. 30guests

Learn more about thick tea and thin tea?


Making your own matcha

Price \1300 + tax

Exquisite baked sweet of Kyoto, a bowl of matcha made by yourself

*Duration 25min

*minimum 2 guests max. 30guests


Chaji Experience (Full length tea ceremony with Shojin ryori, a kind of cuisine prevalent in temples)

Price \15000 + tax

Shojin ryori, in form of lunch box with simmered dish in clear broth and miso soup, charcoal arrangement performance, thick tea and thin tea. Guests can learn making matcha too.

*Duration 120min

*minimum 3 guests max. 16guests


Brewing Workshop of premium green tea

Learn how to brew Japanese green tea, professionally.

Price \1500 + tax

*Duration 25min

*minimum 2 guests max. 14guests

Come to learn from owner of Bikouen, a specialist of Uji green tea

Create the perfect cup of premuim Gyokuro by yourself.


What is samurai spirit tea ceremony?


Yabunouchi school is said to be the most classical and oldest style of Japanese tea ceremony. Yabunouchi Kenchu ( 1536-1627) who founded Yabunouchi school, studied tea ceremony from Takeno Joo (1502-1555)who is Sen no Rikyu's master.The ritaulized way of preparing tea of Yabunouchi school gives people a masculine and heroic impression that’s why it is also named as samurai style tea ceremony.


Frequently asked question about tea ceremony at Bikouen Tea House.




235 Butsuguya-cho Hanaya-cho sagaru Aburanokouji Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto


+81 75 371 1013
for same day reservation


+81 75 361 3909



Mon-Fri: 10:00-16:00

Closed on Sat,Sun and Public Holidays


By Train

JR Kyoto Station Karasuma Exit (Kyoto Tower exit)

By Bus

From JR Kyoto Central bus terminal, Bus No.9 at Gate B1, No.28 at Gate C236, No. 75 at Gate C5. Alight at Nishi Hongaji Mae.

By Taxi

5min from JR Kyoto Station Karasuma exit

By Subway

Subway Karasuma Line, Gojo Station Exit 8