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Master's Selection Matcha

Matcha Peace

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This complex tea features a deep body and a mild texture with a mellow tone and a structured, fresh finish.

Fondly loved by chado practitioners in Japan, the tea boasts aromas that both stimulate and calm the mind so that you can move through your day mindfully and serenely.

20g : Diameter×Height(cm) = 5.8 × 7.1
40g : Diameter×Height(cm) = 5.8 × 7.1
100g : Diameter×Height(cm) = 6.5 × 10.2

Bulk Pack
100g in bag : L×W×H(cm) = 13 × 23 × 4.5

Keep matcha in Bikouen's original tins or air-tight containers and store in the freezer.

Once you've opened your tin, you should consume the tea within 3 months for optimal freshness.

Shelf life
6 months from date of freshly stone-grounded

The Story

Blessed with bracing climates, Uji in the Kyoto Prefecture is considered the cradle of tea in Japan, and the label“Uji Tea” is synonymous with exceptionally fine quality tea.

The Camellia sinensis leaves that are designated for matcha have been uniquely shade-grown, de-veined, de-stemmed and finally grinded into a micron-fine tea powder.