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Sencha with matcha added


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Sencha, literally means “broiled tea”, is the most popular tea that accounts for about 90% of the tea production in Japan.

Yabukita Sencha from a small tea cultivar in Minami Yamashiro of Uji is blended with Uji Matcha to enhance your health benefits.

80g in can : Diameter×Height(cm) = 10 × 3
100g in bag : W×L×H(cm) = 13 × 23 × 0.5

Shelf Life
6 months

The Story

Sencha is made from leaves of Camellia Sinensis that grow in tea cultivar living in Minami Yamashiro Village in Uji.

Of all types of Sencha, only the best quality are from the first harvest picked in spring and only the upper shoots are selected as the leaves are the tenderest and store the most nutrients.