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Ceremonial Grade Matcha (for matcha latte)

Matcha Circus

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The rich yet gentle aroma is immediately released once you whisk the tea with hot water. On the palate, the tea has a soft and velvety texture intertwined with sweetness and a mild astringency. It’s a versatile tea that can be enjoyed as thin tea anytime, anywhere.

40g : Diameter×Height(cm) = 5.8 × 7.1
100g : Diameter×Height(cm) = 6.5 × 10.2

Bulk Pack
100g in bag : L×W×H(cm) = 13 × 23 × 4.5
200g can : Diameter×Height(cm) = 7.4 × 15.3
200g in bag :L×W×H(cm) = 8 × 26 × 3.5

Keep matcha in Bikouen's original tins or air-tight containers and store in the freezer.

Once you've opened your tin, you should consume the tea within 3 months for optimal freshness.

Shelf life
6 months from date of freshly stone-grounded

The Story

Growing matcha in the dark improves the texture and colour of the tea as by avoiding exposure to the sun. The leaves change its structure to try to absorb more sunlight by becoming broader and thinner, which allows the harvested leaves to be easily grounded into a fine powder.