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Premium Gyokuro

Premium Gyokuro Silver

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Bikouen’s steller tea, this Gyokuro is carefully nurtured under shade cover for 20 days right before harvesting. Only the leaf buds from the first sprouts picked in spring are selected to make Gyokuro and all are de-stemmed by hand.

Aromatic and vibrant, the tea has a mellow, sweet and full bodied taste. Infuse at cold temperature, the flavor will be interesting with comforting, full bodied, deep savory notes.

50g : L×W×H(cm) = 13 × 23 × 0.5
100g : L×W×H高(cm) = 13 × 23 × 0.5
200g in can : L×W×H(cm) = 10 × 18 × 9

Shelf life
6 months

The Story

Like Matcha, Gyokuro is grown under the shade with layers of black gauze covering the tea farms for 25 days starting from April.

By reducing sunlight to the farm, phytochemicals in the tea leaves start to alter - heightened amino acids result in more umami flavour and less tannins yields lower astringency.