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Single Origin Sencha

Sencha Dousenbo

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Unlike Matcha and Gyokuro, Sencha is grown entirely under the sun, making it rich in Vitamin C and tannins.

Once the leaves are picked, they are steamed, kneaded, dried and rolled to prevent oxidation and to retain the juice and aroma in the leaves. This single origin tea from Dosenbo boasts a perfect bittersweet balance and a super refreshing finish on the palate.

100g :W×L×H(cm) = 13 × 23 × 0.5
200g : W×L×H(cm) = 6.5 × 30 × 3
200g缶 in can : 7.5cm×15

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6 months

The Story

Dosenbo is a beautiful tea region in the southern tip of Uji, east to Wazuka.

Diurnal temperature variation in the region gives the tea unique flavours, and the ancestral know-how of tea processing that has been kept alive through centuries makes Dosenbo an expert in crafting high quality teas.