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Frothy Matcha = Usucha

In traditional tea ceremony, there are two consistencies of matcha. Frothy Matcha “Usucha” and thick tea “Koicha“. Usucha This is the most common way to drink matcha. In tea ceremony, guests enjoy frothy matcha in a very informal atmosphere. Recommended Matcha for Frothy Matcha Matcha Radiance Matcha Peace Matcha Old Pine Koicha Thick tea is served at very formal tea gathering. It is very dense and thick like a matcha paste or a super creamy potage. At Bikouen, we make special matcha for Koicha ●Premium Matcha Emerald ●Premium Mathca Memories ●Premium Matcha Bloom

Shade Growing Method

Among all of the varieties of Japanese tea, matcha stands out with its bright green colour, health benefits and its relation with ancient ritual tea ceremony. Our Matcha is grown using the “special shade growing method” developed by tea cultivars in Uji Kyoto since the 16th century. With careful management of shading, Uji Matcha is renowned for its mellow taste and flavour

How Do I Store My Matcha?

For all fine quality matcha from Bikouen, always store it in your refrigerator or freezer, even it is not opened yet. To preserve the freshness, keep your matcha away from heat, humidity, light and odor. We at Bikouen choose to keep our freshly grounded matcha in air tight tins with a strict temperature control. To enjoy the best flavour and freshness the longest, please put your matcha into freezer once your received it. ※Once you’ve opened your tin, you are recommended to consume the tea within 1-3 months for optimal freshness.

L-Theanine in Matcha

Premium Uji matcha at Bikouen is your best partner in health! Matcha contains a highly concentrated source of both L–theanine and Minerals Zinc, and some of the most potent antioxidants in the world.  Benefit of Matcha: Relaxation effect Matcha helps the activation of cerebral nerves Keep you away from sick Matcha strengthens your immune system Detox Matcha enhance your intestinal environment Prevent your from gaining weight Control of blood cholesterol